Friday, October 4, 2013

Hey everybody I know I haven’t written in a while.  I had a busy summer full of adventure and family time.  My niece was born on July first.  I had to say with my aunt for the first half of the summer because my sister couldn’t take care of me.

I also went on my yearly trip to KEY LARGO to go scuba diving. I absolutely love going under water… you might be wondering how a disabled person can go 35 ft. under water. I work with an organization called DIVEHART, which is a non-profit organization that teaches people with disabilities and vets to dive. I love working with the amazing volunteers. We form relationships during the year, so by the time we go to Florida we know how to help each other. We usually only get to dive 2 or 3 days. This year we dove 5 days in a row. No other group has done that. It was just amazing this year. We usually go to Key West the last night we’re there, but we had a chance to go out again. I did miss it though. We did do other things besides diving like… swimming in the condo pool, went out to dinner with my friend’s family, got ice-cream twice, and relaxed.

When I finally got home I had time to be with my two beautiful nieces and my sister. I also spent a week with my dad right before school started.      I love being with family when I don’t get to see them offen. My grandma came and got me a lot because I had a lot of doctor appointments over the summer. She helps us when I don’t have a ride

So, now that I’m back at school I’m back on   a schedule. I think that’s one thing I miss when I’m off of school. This year is going good for several boyfriends and one of my best friends are going to my school and we are really close. We’ve been close ever since their freshman year of high school. We get more time to hang out then we used to. I’m surprised of my other friends because they accepted my boyfriend and my best friend fast. I was worried about that.

I have to get ready to go to the store… THIS IS IT GOD BLESS

If you have any any questions or comments please feel free

Diveheart website...

Friday, April 5, 2013


Ahhh... I cant beleave how fast this week has gone. I defiantly had a relaxing week with my sister. i got some much needed rest. i had nothing to do all week, except go to a doctors appointment today. it was just a  check up, nothing big. tomorrow we are going to start getting the basic stuff for the baby. im getting excited for my little niece to come. last weekend i got to meet my newborn niece while i was at my boyriends house. she is soo tiny and adoriblee...

but im ready to go back to school though. i miss my friends . 

sorry this is short, but i wanted to write something anyway...

this is it love and god bless

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


we are in photoshop class and we worked on designed movie posters based on our favorite movie. I choice twilight. next we are making a 3-5 minute movie/documentry.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Sorry I haven't written in a while. My life has been hectic lately. Hopefully it will slow down a lot for me. These last two weeks have been really busy for me because I had my IEP (indevidule education plan) meeting and this week has been crazy at school.

I thought my IEP went really good. An IEP is basically accommodations and goals to help somebody who has a disability and is in special ED. People think just because you're in special ED you don't know anything or you're a baby. Let me tell you one thing, I'm in special ED but I was in an honors pre - calc my senior year before everything happened. Basically an IEP is there to help you to make school better and is required by the ADA. We discussed what my schedule is for the week and what kind of classes I have. After the meeting my grandma and my case worker took me back to my old high school for lunch. It was good to be with my best friend for a little while. I got to see my former aide who had me in kindergarten and first grade. It was good to catch up with her. Then, it was time to go to my grandma's house and get ready to go out to eat with my best friend. I love our favorite restaurant. We can sit and talk for hours with out anybody saying anything. That helps us take a lot off, because we know the other won't tell anybody else what we're talking about. We really want to move in together with my boyfriend in our own apartment really soon. We have been really close since a few months into their freshman year. Which has been hard because it was my junior year. I had a hard time leaving them to go to my school now. Its 45 minutes away from my hometown. I can't wait until they both come here. I'm very proud of them standing up with their choice no matter what their moms want for them. I went through with that with my sister a year ago. I know how hard it is and I'm still learning how to advocate for myself.

On Saturday we had to go run some earns.  My other best friend came over and hung out all afternoon, we walked to dairy queen for lunch and just chilled till she had to go to work. We had a relaxing night. We had dinner and watched a movie. After the movie we got on the WII and played 3 games of bowling. Of course I lost all 3 games again. When I used to play with my cousins I was good, but everytime we play I suck. We always have fun though.

On Sunday, we went to a flea market at the high school. I like to go and look around at the different stuff people made. I got to see lots of people I haven’t seen in a long time. It was hard not to spend money on baby stuff for my sister. After we walked around twice, we went to go get lunch. When we got home we had to get my stuff ready to go back to school.

It’s always nice to spend the weekend with my “grandparents:” But this is it for now. Hopefully I’ll be on next weekend


Saturday, February 16, 2013


SORRY I HAVEN'T BEEN ON IN A LONG TIME... this week in my computer class we had to write a poem to somebody for Valentine's day so i thought i would share it with you.


I love how we can talk about anything and it never gets awkward 

I love how we have our moments where we sit and stare at each other just like we did when we started dating

I love the way you make me feel special, even with everybody is hanging with us

I love when your hoody smells like a Saturday night by a fire

I love how your eyes sparkle like the stars on a clear, warm sumner night

I love how you hold me when I’m having a bad day

I love the feeling when you tell me something and I know I’m your only girl that you want for the rest of your life

I love when you send me a text and I instantly smile like a little kid

I love how we have a lot of things in common and know what we went through

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

hello everyone sorry i haven't been on lately i've been really lazy on the weekends. i don't know why but something is getting into me. school has been pretty good. we got some new kids last week. two of them are residents like me. they stay all week. i hit it off with the new girl right away because she's kind of like me and she went to school with Amanda. we usually just go in one of our rooms and talk. it's pretty cool...

hopefully i get some sleep before i go home so that i can write more.... THIS IS IT FOR NOW ... LOVE AND GOD BLESS

Saturday, January 5, 2013


Heyy everyone I hope you had a good New Year’s Eve like I did.  Mine was spent with the people who I love and have the most fun with.  Even though I didn’t have my whole family there I still had a wonderful night.  My boyfriend came out to my dad’s for the partly.  We hung out till my cousins got there, I had to get ready fast because I was still in my pajamas.  I was being kind of lazy that morning I.  The party didn’t really start till like 3ish. My boyfriend and I just watched TV and relaxed till dinner was done. My family’s tradition for New Year’s Eve is having crab legs, deer stakes (which I don’t eat) and potato cakes. What are potato cakes? They are basically like flower tortillas, but made with potatoes. I think they are my favorite thing of New Years. We put mashed potatoes, corn and some kind of fish (again don’t eat) on them.  I put ham on mine. We tried the dessert version this time. It’s just butter sugar and cinnamon. It’s delish. But anyway… after dinner the kids were getting a little too hyper, so I asked my aunt if I could put the music channel on so we could dance. We danced all night. I was surprised when my brothers and some of their friends came to see if we needed anything. They didn’t just ask us if we were ok, they actually talked to us. I think my family knows that we are going to be together for a long time. That makes me feel good.  When it was time to count down, everyone gathered in the living room and got their drinks ready to toast. We screamed the count down and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

After everybody hugged, drank and carried on, me and my boyfriend went in the garage to listen to music. It was fun to watch my dad jump around with my brothers. I got to slow dance with the 3 most important men in my life.  I love just sitting and singing to songs that I grew up listening to. We didn’t go to bed till after 3. We had so much fun. We didn’t do anything when we got up. I just talked to my boyfriend and messed with my brothers. Now it’s back to school tomorrow night.

I just hope everybody gets along this week, at least.  THIS IS IT… LOVE AND GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!